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    Every phone I've had before Sprint have notified me of voice mail by beeping or some other audible way...until I stopped it. Sprint seeps to send ONE notification on all of their phones, and that's all.

    Does anyone know if it can be set to keep beeping every so often until I turn it off?

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    Don't know of any option to do that with a stock Treo. With Butler , you can customize how you want to be reminded of events like voicemail notification - from a gentle reminder to all-out nagging. Plus, it's got many other useful capabilities.
  3. #3 Butler finally, truly stable on the 650. I remember for awhile there it was the cause of many heartaches, as 650 after 650 reset in its clutches. If it is "all better" I will probably be investing in Butler very soon.
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    Get the latest version of Butler. It's fine on the 650. And indespensible, IMHO, for exactly the function you're looking for. And, of course, you can try it on your 650 for free to make sure you don't have some software conflict.
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    I've been using Butler since I got my 650 (Sprint/CDMA) in Dec and have never had a problem. I see all the posts from others claiming to have issues, but I've never had problems.

    Perhaps those issues are related to certain functions of Butler, I don't know. I'm using everything except Hide SMS and MP3/Ringers.

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