I just recieved my GSM Treo 650 today !!!!!! T_T so long I've waited.
*Ahem* Yea so..... I'm really exitied that I got it, but the real reason why I'm exited is because it did'nt reset at all on me T_T. It's been about 4 hours and no resets or anything. I had a unbranded cingular Treo 650 (Bastards) and started resetting ever since it came out from the box..... I was very parinoid in purchasing a new one but then gave it one last try.

Yea so I'm new with the treo and wanted to know what do you guys think is a Staple (Must have) for the treo 650? Right now im in the process of checkin if the phone is fully ok (thanks to the forums here ).

I also want to know if the AIM for the treo detects ur wireless internet and if i would be charged for msging?