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    I know nothing about ringtones and searched and searched - anyone know a ringtone 101 thread? I don't see any sticky topics. Don't rheam me out, just trying to learn about how to download and play with ring tones on my 650. Thanks.
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    Im on my treo right now so its harder to search but you can download ringtones right to your treo.

    Look for the website 3gforfree or something like that. You can install midi ringtones for free or with 3rd party software like mring, ringo, can play mp3's. Search for those.
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    Also, with the new firmware update, you can use AMR ringtones as custom ringtones; before that you could only use midi ringtones as custom tones.

    Set general tones in preferences, or to set individual custom tones: in the phone app go to a speed dial selection and press menu, then select "edit favorites button".

    For free tones, check out my site:

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