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    Sometimes in my mail box view (IMAP for example), I delete an email but it stays in my mail box even after I qsync.

    The only way I can truly delete it (from my mailbox) is by opening the email and deleting it that way.

    I imagine there is sequence of events (perhaps with looking at the email on my computer ) that is causing this, I just don't understand what it is...
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    I haven't really had that problem with chatter but kind of the opposite. If I delete an email or two...chatter sort of waits to go online (with the green arrows) to delete them (I assume its to keep the data connection time down).

    What gets me is that when I look at new email with oulook express...the changes don't migrate back to my server (and show in chatter) until I close OE. (yeah I know...OE is the problem).
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