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    I have been using snappermail on my 650 for about 2 mos now sucessfully. Today I have encountered a problem which I can't figure out:

    I have snappermail set to download only the first 40kb of a message. Today someone sent me a native MS Word document (.doc). I click on the document, I click on "receive more" from the message toolbar, or click on the attachment and mark for download. The document is about 500kb. So, about 1 min goes by, the document downloads, but everytime I click the item to open it, I get a message stating that the document only has been partially downloaded (about 38k of 500k) and says "do you want to download". I keep trying several times and it looks like I download the entire document (reads 500k of 500k downloaded complete as it counts down...) but whenever I go to open it, it never shows the complete document and always wants me to download again in a vicious cycle... This has happened to me on several occassions and I figure I must have an incorrect setting or something... Thanks for your help!
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    Nevermind - got it. Thanks anyway

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