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    I'm able to receive my e-mails but can't send e-mails out. The following is a message that I get when ever I try to send an e-mail out.

    "550 not local host ****.com, not a gateway"

    Please help! What am I doing wrong?
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    You're trying to send email through an SMTP server which isn't an open relay. Most everyone has shut down open access to their SMTP servers in order to not be used by spammers to send spam. Your SMTP server setting works fine from home since you're coming from an internal address. But your phone is an "outsider" since it's IP address is not within your ISP's network -- and thus it is disallowed.

    Either turn on SMTP authentication in versamail (if your SMTP server supports it) or use one of your provider's SMTP servers. Someone else will have to post them (or do a search), I use my domain host's servers with authentication and bypass my provider.

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