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    Sorry about this in advance but here is my dumb question regarding Bluetooth…

    I have a Treo 650, Treo BT Headset (rebranded Jabra) and a BWM 760Li – that I get to pick up this weekend.

    I carry the Treo and the headset together, let’s say I get in the car (which is BT equipped) and subsequently get a phone call, will it route to the car or the headset?

    Let’s say I’m on a call and I park the car and leave while the call is in progress… will the call re-route to the BT headset or the phone or will I just loose it all together? Just curious.
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    I understand that the Treo does not pair w/ BMW's bluetooth (doesn't work with my 540), so you'll only have it on your headset. If for some reason it does work, when you leave the car you should be able to simply push the button on the Treo display to cancel bluetooth and keep the call right on the Treo itself.

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