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    I know that these spreadsheet products have been discussed before but I can't find anything that can help me decide which to purchase. They both cost $29.95 right now.

    Anyone done any comprehensive comparisons of MiniCalc and QuickSheet and made a decision as to which they prefer?

    I have decided against TinySheet after all the negative feedback that I read on the product on PalmGear (even though this feedback may not be entirely valid now as the comments were made on older versions.)

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    I am using Quicksheets and it works very well for me i just wish you could turn off the row and colum borders but other than that it is great
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    FYI: If one orders from Handango, Quicksheet is currently $24.95.
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    Even if MiniCalc or TinySheet boast similar or equivalent features, Quicksheet was a better implementation all the way around - better screen layouts and at least for me, more intuitive to use.

    MiniCalc and TinySheet really seemed like programs that were done not-as-well.
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    FWIW, I use Quicksheet and recommend it. It is obviously a bit awkward to use such a small screen for a spreadsheet, but it is great for portability. (Which is obviously the point. )

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    Thanks for your replies. I actually took another look at TinySheet and that looks pretty good for two reasons -- it has color and the easiest interface.

    I think that the latest Documents To Go, which allows the editing of spreadsheets on a Visor, may be a better solution for me than buying a spreadsheet product though.
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    Actually in regards to the competition, TinySheet excels in all areas:

    1. TinySheet is over Half the Cost of Quick Sheet or Documents To Go. At $19.95, even with Quicksheet on sale, TinySheet is still the best program and value.

    2. TinySheet synchronizes directly with Excel. There are no added steps or specific file types. TinySheet talks directly and seamlessly with Excel!

    3. You can create files on the Palm with TinySheet. Documents To Go Pro for $49.95 does not even allow this, you can only edit. If you want stripped down programs for a whole lot more, then Documents to Go is your choice. However, like all people, this is not what you want.

    4. TinySheet has more capacity than any other spreadsheet on the Palm. With 255 Columns by over 65,000 Rows and an unlimited amount of sheets per workbook, you won't have to look for another spreadsheet. Having trouble with other sheets not accepting long formulas? TinySheet accepts up to 128 characters.

    5. Easy Interface. TinySheet looks a great deal like Excel this has been done so the transition from using a PC to enter your information to using your Palm is easier.

    6. For those of you with a color device nothing out performs TinySheet.

    7. Plus you can try TinySheet out for a full 30 days and as always we give a 30-day money back Guarantee. Why do we give more than the competition? Because we have taken the time and careful planning to create a better, smarter, more effective, and most of all less expensive application. We know you can't put the spreadsheet through it's paces in 15 days. So try it now for free. We know you'll love it.

    iambic Software
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    I'm seriously glad we heard from the company.

    No for a totally unsolicited opinion:

    - I didn't find negative comments on PalmGear.

    - I've used TinySheet for a few revisions and it works great.
    - Documents to Go is very cool (Didn't know you can't CREATE a spreedsheet though) but besides price it weighs in heavy on memory requirements. TinySheet uses 175K, where DTG is much more (they recommend 512 free).

    - TinySheet does not have charting though.

    - TinySheet seems solid (no crashing). I'm using 3.02 fine.
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    iambic Software,
    * Thanks for your post. I do agree that the current version of TinySheet looks good. I especially like the color support (on my Prism) and the easy to use interface.

    * You can create new spreadsheets and documents in Documents To Go -- they have just not made it easy to do! You have to do a "Save As" to create a new one.
    * You said that you couldn't find any negative comments on Palmgear -- look at

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