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    I bought a hbh660 off ebay from a person. LOVE IT! But when i got it I charged it for 2 days and then used it for 45 mins and it said the battery was dying. Is this right? Can i change the battery? Thanks
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    Who did you buy it from? Was it new or used? Depending on the seller you should be able to exchange it for another one if you're having problems. The talk time should be 6 hours on the 660.
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    See thats what i thought. I bought it from a person not a seller. It was used.
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    Sounds like it was faulty from the time you bought it, which could be why the seller sold it You still have options. Contact the seller and let them know the headset is not working properly and that you want to send it back for a refund. If the seller refuses to do so, file a complaint with PayPal, assuming that's the service you used to pay.

    Question: How did you pay? Was it PayPal? If so, did you do a bank transfer, or did you pay with your credit card? Hopefully you paid via credit card, because even if PayPal denies your claim, you can still dispute the transaction with your credit card company. All they will require from you is that you send the headset back to the seller with some form of tracking number or delivery confirmation, notify your bank and provide proof (the tracking) that it was returned. Let them know why it was sent back and that you attempted to work this out with both the seller and PayPal, but could not find resolution. You should have no problem getting your money back.

    To make sure the information I am giving you is accurate, contact your credit card company, assuming you paid via credit card.
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    Does anyone know if the battery icon stops flashing on the 660 when it is charged, or does it continue to flash when fully charged?
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    Mine does NOT flash when fully charged.
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    I am also having short battery life with the 660. I bought mine new from Dans cellular about 5 months ago. I am now getting about 2-2 1/2 hrs of talk time. MUUUCH less than it is supposed to be.

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