LightNzip™ has been updated to support multiple external cards including
the new 4.4gif LifeDrive. Addition LightNzip™ supports NVFS found on the
Treo650, Tungsten T5 and LifeDrive.

About LightNzip™

LightNzip™ is a PalmOS® system compression and decompression utility. LightNzip™ can create self-extracting applications. LightNzip™ offers the best compression rate. On a PalmOS® OS 5.0 Palm using Zlib ARMlet LightNzip™ is rated the best for compression speed and size. LightNzip™ can compress any files in RAM and on the external card. You can also delete and beam databases in RAM or on the external card using IR or Bluetooth®. LightNzip™ can unzip Winzip® and winRAR® archives created on a Windows® desktop computer and will maintain the original folder structure. LightNzip™ can also create WinZip® compatible files that can be opened on the desktop computer. Multiple files can be zipped into one single zip file on the external card.

If a email client is installed you can send files directly to it for delivery from LightNzip™ LightNzip™ can receive zip attachments from the email client and will open the zip file in native format. You can then select the file to install or save to the external card.