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    I finally got my laptop working with my Treo 650 with upgraded firmware that enabled DUN... I connect through AT&T so i had to find the correct extra modem initialization command.

    Now I want to connect my Garmin IQue M5 with bluetooth through my Treo 650 as a modem. Has anyone been able to connect from their bluetooth pocket PC through Treo 650 DUN to the internet?

    I copied as much of the laptop instructions on the pocket PC but it still doesn't work. I read somewhere on one site that you need to use the terminal window to connect.

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    I would also appreciate anyone's insight into this issue. I am trying to connect a Pockt PC to my unlocked GSM treo650 via DUN, and have tried to follow as many instructions as possible prior to posting this message. I have used the correct dialing # from shadowmite's site and correct Initializaion/VPN sting from the Treo Bluetooth PDF, but am still unable to connect. My pocketPC successfully dials then requests a username and password. Since I am with Cingular Blue, I have traditionally left this area blank, hit ok, and connected. However, trying this under the treo DUN, it brings the password screen back up again... then fails to connect for "unknown reasons".

    I also read that ther terminal window is needed to successfully connect, but have no idea how to accompish this. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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