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    My Treo 650 has developed a new characteristic... when I let it sit for 16 seconds, the screen dims to about 25%. 16s more and its down to 50%. A little longer, and the backlight is off! Strange behavior, especially since it never used to do this. What happened? Anyone else experiencing this? PalmOne, is there a fix?

    It's happening in all apps, and in the OS.

    It's quite annoying, since it takes me about 18 seconds to read a screen full of text. Help!
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    Interesting. How long have you had your 650? Did this just start happening? Weird. I know my screen fades when I am in the phone app, but actually haven't noticed it in other apps.
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    Yeah... it just started happening a couple of weeks ago. I kinda remember my phone originally dimming after 60 secs or so. It's just strange that its dimming so much faster now.
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    Sounds like it's in NightMode. Try hitting Option then RightShift see if that helps.


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    Sorry Zathros. Tried that... still doing it.
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    Mine does the same thing. Usually when Im using my Treo and charging my phone at the same time. Adjusting the brightness usually fixes the problem. Why it does it I have no idea.
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    A hard reset should fix it.

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