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    In my searches for the best launcher, I found this app called Resco Explorer, which seems to have a very nicely integrated zipper, file explorer, and backup all in one application. Anyone use Resco for all of these? Seems like a good deal all for $14.95! Anyone know of any competing apps?

    Just the file explorer with an integrated zipper (the zip files show up as regular folders that you can browse, even from the SD card) seems like a great thing! I really like the way the app works very similar to windows file explorer. I haven't tried the backup portion of the program yet. Anyone tried that?

    Thanks in advance for your replies. Oh, and no I don't work for the company either.


    PS. I think my launcher search has ended with zLauncher. Even though there may be a bit of redunancy because zLauncher has a built in file explorer too, but the one in Resco Explorer seems so much better! I haven't bought either yet though...
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    I just found one other app that has a similar feature set, and is the same price. It's called Palm Commander. Anyone tried it? It seems to have a bit more simplified interface (not as many option buttons, etc.), but has a few more features (such as a button launcher, and encryption).

    Any opinions?
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    Alot of hardcore users (especially over at 1scrc) swear by resco explorer fyi... It seems to be the most powerful app and not that pricey when you consider it would cost more to get all the functionality from different individual apps...
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    Yeah, I trialed Resco Explorer and loved it. But after realizing that I don't work with .zip files too much, and the fact that ZLauncher has a file manager as well (ZL's is not nearly as cool though), I ended up registering ZLauncher. My backup needs are pretty simple so I just use the free VfsBackup.

    To answer the question about backups via Resco Explorer, the restore worked flawlessly for me after I had to do a hard reset.
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    I've noticed that files can be 'verified' before restore. Maybe this increases the likelihood of a flawless backup.
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    Yeah, seems to be a nice feature. Not sure how it verified, but the only files identified as corrupt after a verification were my SMS messages, which was fine with me. 'Verify' seems like a good feature (even though I didn't understand the methodology )

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