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    Just read the announcement about MS and Tivo enabling moving content from Tivo to handheld devices. Anyone heard if a similar opportunity will exist for Treo-palm os?
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    Once again, the lure of the dark side...
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    The best option is one of the open-format video capture/DVR setups for the PC.
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    The long way is to transfer the program to DVD (pain in the *ss) - takes two hours to transfer a 1 hour program to the computer. Then, because it uses Sonic MyDVD (which you have to pay $50 bucks for - TTG does not allow burning with other DVD software) it take TEN (10) hours to burn it to a DVD. Take DVD and rip to .avi via prefered method (I like PocketDVD, version 3.5 is very well done). Play with TCPMP (fantastic program - the developer should be bronzed and preserved for the ages).
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    Sony released the VR100K pvr for it's clie line a while ago:

    Technically I think it would be possible to use this and then just use a card reader to transfer the videos from MS to SD. You should be able to play this via TCPMP
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    Doesn't TiVo's own firmware upgrade allow users of stand-along Series 2 TiVo's to transfer programming to their PCs? What format is it (MPEG2, perhaps)? Couldn't it be easily converted into something readable by the Treo? See

    Incidentally, there are hacks for the older Series 1 Tivos and Series 1 & 2 DirecTV Tivos to allow them to export video to PC's as well. See
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    TiVo is compatible with a few Codex's - but when they play on my laptop they play thorugh Microsoft's Windows Media Player.
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    Is this the standard TiVo software video files, or the ones made thru the hack?

    What about playing them through the Treo (or converting them to play through the Treo?

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