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    Cingular Treo 650 w/ 1.23 Firmware.

    Hey guys any idea or ways to get to Yahoo Mobile's website through Blazer WITHOUT always Signing in? Gets pretty tedious. Looks like Blazer doesn't login information? cookies?, "disable cookies" is not checked in the preferences, but does Yahoo Mobile even use cookies?
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    Yep, it does. Whenever I go to the Yahoo Messenger page it logs me in.
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    Logs me in automatically as well.
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    Haven't had to sign on in months
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    Hmm something wrong with my Blazer then, I have to log in to yahoo everytime I go to yahoo mobile's website. don't know what's wrong.
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    I'll go weeks without having to sign in...and then I'll have to. Having shortcuts (via ShortCut5) for my ID and password take some of the sting out of the process.
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    I always have to log in too. What Minsc said clued me in as to why.
    See I use yahoo messenger over SMS. When I log out of Yahoo Messenger I log in to text messaging. When you do this it logs you OUT of yahoo mobile.
    I verified this, I log in to yahoo mobile ( and whenever I come back to that URL I'm still logged in.
    Then I send a text message to 92466 (YAHOO) with "in UID PW" to log in to YIM over SMS. Then go back to the yahoo mobile web site and viola, I'm logged out.

    Finally, after a year of trying to figure this out, now I know why it's logging me out.

    One way to overcomet his is to log in, go to the yahoo messenger link. Bookmark this URL. THen click on "options" and select "Auto login" and tell it to remember your user ID and PW for auto login.
    Whenever you then open Blazer to that bookmark you'll be auto-logged in and won't have to manually log in ever.
    Also click on the auto logout link and tell it to never log you out.
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