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    I'll finally be getting a T650 this month with the Cingular's unlimited plan, and I'm planning on buying either a USB data connection cable, or USB Bluetooth adapter. Which ever one works better for connecting to the internet. I'll be working off my Powerbook with Tiger. I found an entire thread on how to get DUN working on a Mac, so hopefully that part is covered.

    Once I get my Cingular phone hacked and set up for DUN on my Powerbook, is there a limit to how much data I can uplod and download via FTP at any given time?

    I know the plan states unlimited, but I recall reading some place that there was a cap of how large your file could be?

    Also, I'm assuming that this uses up air time?

    Anyways, I'm heading up to northern CA to visit family for 2 weeks, and since they're still renovating their new house, they do not have an internet connection, not even a lan line. I can not afford to be without e-mail or FTP/Internet access while I'm away. I've planned on getting a T650 for a while now, so this seemed like a good solution?

    Sorry if these questions have alread been answered, I've been searching through the forum and only found bits and pieces, nothing realy specific.

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    Be aware that Cingular has overbilled several people after they deemed the data usage as "excessive". (Myself included) I find that using just my 650, that the largest file I can download is 2meg... However, I can download files in excess of 10meg with PDAnet. I am currently disputing 3 months worth of data usage in excess of $1000.00, so discussing this with Cingular before you get hit with a bill might be wise.

    BTW: I am in the process of changing carriers, and going to arbitration over this issue.
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    *chuckle* not that it's on topic as a reply to the original posters question but that sounds just like AT&T/Cingular. I trialed their service with a Treo 650 for 29 days, made phone calls (well within the monthy minutes allowance) and used the data connection (their unlimited plan) via the BT DUN hack and my laptop as well as via the Treo itself and somehow ended up with a bill that was more than double the monthy billing rate at the end of the 29 day period.

    While the speed was nice on their network I ended up purchasing an unlocked Treo 650 and am using a T-Mobile SIM in it. I rarely have a problem with T-Mobile's service (voice or data) but when I do they're ALWAYS there to answer the phone and help me with my issue. During the 29 days I used AT&T/Cingular's network I learned quickly (on day four I think) that their call center shuts down at 9pm local time meaning that when I had technical issues I was forced to wait until the next business day for resolution. That coupled with the price of the data plan (about three times that of T-Mobile's for an unlimited package) disgusted me...

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that T-Mo will roll out an EDGE network by the end of the year and am confident that they won't ramp the price of their data plans up too much as a result... Oh, did I mention that T-Mobile has been rated best in customer service by JD Power for the second year running?

    *rant mode off*

    About the only way Cingular will get my business back is if they buy T-Mobile...
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    These things are actually good to know. I'm using Verizon right now, and me and the wife have had nothing but problems with all of their BS. We liked Cingular because of the roll-over minutes, but I'm going to look into T-Mobile some more, before putting another mobile service provider's noose around my neck.

    I found out last night, that neither Cingular nor Verizon have coverage in the town I'll be staying in, so I'll be roaming when I'm up in that area. *grumbles* I'll check T-Mobile, hopefully they have coverage. I'm just weary about spending $600 for each unlocked Treos. Ideally it is what I would want, just not the price.

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    Heaven forbid that Cingular would buy T-Mobile.....then that customer service will go down the tube as well....! Does anyone know if the DUN hack for the Treo can corrupt the BT Manager app? My Jabra headset suddenly doesn't connect and trying to re-pair it is impossible as everytime I tap on Setup Devices in BT on the Treo 650 it restarts.....Even tapping in the Menu on About Bluetooth has the same effect... Don't know how to reset the app to get this working....
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    Found the cure on Shadowmite....culprit was the DUN hack....
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    Does that mean that you had to disable DUN hack? If I were still going with Cingular and had a PC, then I would just use PDANet. My friend was recommeding this to me, but sadly their is no Mac software that I know of.

    Ok, I'm going wtih T-Mobile. They cost less all around, so that will make up for the price of two unlocked Treos, At least it will eventually.

    I'm assuming that I'll need to first buy both Treos from Palm, then go into a Cingular store and get them Activated?

    And how fast is their data connection when it's working in an ideal setting?

    And I'm assuming this also uses air-time?

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    My Cingular service, as programmed in their network, had a persistent problem that whenever I traveled outside my home calling area within the US, all outgoing calls were routed to a non-answering number at Cingular customer service. Yes, it has been frustrating, but even more aggravating was the fact that the Cingular helpline--which I had to reach on a payphone--was often closed early in the weekend and not open at all on Sundays. And to add insult to injury, you have to wade through a several minute long, multilevel phone menu system just to find out that they're closed!

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