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    it seems everything i do on my phone lately, it's moving slower than slow. at times it just freezes up with a white screen and i have to do a hard reset to bring it back. anyone else seeing this?

    a little more information... i really don't have too many apps installed, they are:

    - standard installed apps
    - agendus pro
    - directory assistant
    - chess
    - filez

    the problem seems to be the worst when i am navigating between applications. it seems i am doing at least one hard reset every day.

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance.
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    What firmware are you running? If you upgraded than how did you reload ur 3rd party apps?

    Once I manually reinstalled all my 3rd party apps than my slow down went away. Also Verichat had a problem earlier that was fixed in the latest release.
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    You're doing a *hard reset* to recover from a lockup?

    First it sounds like your Treo has some problems.. There's now way it should behave this way in the first place. But to recover from this sort of thing, you should ONLY have to do a soft reset by depressing the reset button in the battery compartment.

    I trialed Agendus Pro (9.02 I believe) and I had crashes in it in various places. Adding pictures to contacts, editing contacts (with or without pictures), and constant crashes with incoming SMS. I removed it and all is fine. Looks like nice software, they need to debug and test it with the 650 for a while and release a bug fix for it. That said, there have been a few releases since so this stuff might have been fixed.

    Run your palm with only stock applications for a few days (since you hard reset all the time, this shouldn't be a big deal) and see if these problems occur. If they do, you definately have a bad Treo and need to get it exchanged.
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    I agree with khaytsus -- run with stock applications for awhile to determine if it is hardware or a 3rd party software problem. Remember to sync to a "test" user id when you resync after the hard reset. That way no "corrupt" 3rd party stuff will reload.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I had serious slow-down problems about 3 or 4 times a week. Then I upgraded ZLauncher to the latest version about 2 weeks ago. Have not had a slow down since.
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    sorry... check that. i haven't needed to do a "hard" reset, only a soft reset.

    i will try that, take all the 3rd party apps off and see what happens.

    here is my system information, if i am behind on something let me know:

    Palm OS Garnet - v5.4.7
    PalmOne Applications - v5.2H
    Software - Treo650-1.08-SPCS

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