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    After installing a new SIM card in my Treo 600 (that seemed to fix a busy signal problem) the following still persists:

    1. Usually the keyboard backlight stays on for about 20 seconds in an application or the application launcher. The manual says it should be off unless you press alt p. After a recent number of resets today I noticed that the alt p combination DOES work as the book says. Which is normal???? This may be related to the phone locking problem.

    2. Intermittently (at least once a day) the phone portion just locks up. The screen stays on and can not be turned off. The only way out is the reset hole. Is this a normal occurrence? There does not appear to be an offending program running. #*377 is not useful as it only shows the last crash and that occurred several days ago and was predictable.

    Any mentoring in the above would be most helpful. Tomorrow is day 10 for the unit and is the last day for an exchange with a new unit (if they have one).

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    Update <option> p

    Well so far everything is working correctly. If anything happens it will of course happen on the 11th day.

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