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    A new emulator for several consoles has been released for Palm OS 5, and only the T650 is up to spec (not the T600) for its use. In my experience it is the best emulator yet. Please help betatest this product if you are into the scene. I have found it to be superior in quality to commercial emulators like Liberty for Gameboy. LJP supports NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, NGP, WS, and TG16.

    In addition, keep in mind that this software may make your Treo 650 unstable, as it is barely in betatesting and not optimized for the Treo (ie, don't expect to get any incoming calls while you are using it; and also expect that you may need to reset your Treo when done playing.)

    If you can deal with these hassles, and are tech savvy, you will enjoy the speed and sound quality with which it produces SNES, Genesis, SMS, and several other platforms.
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    I second this notion, and I particularly recommend the beta builds from Tinnus. Do a search of those forums for 0.9.2T (I think) which should bring up the download page. It adds new systems, and fixes some important bugs. I mainly use it for NES and Gameboy (SNES and Genesis are still a bit too slow to be playable for most games) but this is clearly the best emulator available for Palm.
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    LJP does rock...but it's been out for a few months now =)

    Defn. not new...
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    ljp does look promising but i did find it buggy and it seemed to come with alot of resets..
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