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    On my gf treo 600 ... i hear this buzzin sound when she's talkin to me ... she doen't hear it on her end... is this a common issue? I feel that fixing this will be hard... probably the mic is meesed up ?

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    If it is still under warranty contact Palm. Otherwise there is a fix you can do yourself. Details in the FAQ.
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    same problem with my treo 600. it's still under warranty so Palmone replaced it with a 'new' treo 600.
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    i'm sorry where's the FAQ
    Sony n710 --> N760 --> NX70 ---> NZ90 ---> 4get sony ---> Treo 600 -- and two weeks later--> (Feb 05)Treo650 .... (March '08) Centro... Palm Pre (launch date)
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    I've had my treo for about 3 months and after the second month I noticed it happened when the battery was below about 50% as mentioned in several forums.... but it doesnt happen anymore...

    I think it stopped because I put the treo in a car holder that connects to the vent and on road trips I would leave it in this location but I noticed the holder vibrates alot due to it just being held in place by the wimpy ac vents. Well my theory is this vibration may have cause the wiring to move slighty in the perfect location not to interfere with....
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    i gave it a shot... a little better.. but did u get a no charge battery problem ? ... it seems like i can't charge the phone anymore...
    Sony n710 --> N760 --> NX70 ---> NZ90 ---> 4get sony ---> Treo 600 -- and two weeks later--> (Feb 05)Treo650 .... (March '08) Centro... Palm Pre (launch date)
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    I just did the aluminum foil wrap trick, and now my 600 is back to sounding good as new. The problem didn't start until after I'd had the phone for over a year. Thanks to XiaoBin for putting together the document with pictures describing how to do this.
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    Mine would buzz if I dropped it and it was jarred the least little bit. I did the foil trick and reset the wire bundle from the battery to the board so that the twist of the wires was tighter. I'm still amazed that I paid so much for such a flawed phone. The dopes at Cingular were no help at all and fergetabout the insurance.
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    I got headache especially when I hang up the phone to speak. Anyboday has the same expeirnce? Right now I just bought a earphone, much much better now.
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    I found that this buzzing only occurs when the screen is on.. since I installed phone technician, whenever the screen kicks off the buzzing goes away...
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    I noticed mine started buzzing or humming near my computer speakers. Then I started hearing it on my phone when in use . Plam is replacing it but I wonder if some how the wireles mode can be damage by pc speaker, because if I turned off the wireless mode the buzzing went away near my speakers. I hope I explained this well lol.
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    I was afraid to do the fix at first, worried that I might break my precious T600. Sure it's almost 2 years old, and it never did come with a warranty, but still, I love it to pieces! Well, the buzzing eventually drove me crazy (as well as the person on the other end, who complained that my phone was trash), so I bought Torx screwdrivers, got me foil paper from my cigarettes, some electrical tape, and got to work. I did everything accordingly, tightened up the screws, and re-synched. Everything worked as usual. THE BUZZING WAS GONE! Halleluiagh!!! Now I'm a happy camper!
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    I applied the aluminum trick (Thanks XiaoBin!) which worked right away!

    HOWEVER, now the buzzing is back with a vengeance. I opened it up, put new foil, which helped for a little while, but now the buzzing comes and goes.

    I notice it changes when applying pressure to the antenna. Might have to see if there is a loose connection.


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