I live in NYC and have had Cingular for a while now, even before the ATT acquisition. Here in NYC, before the acquisition, there was no native cingular network. They shared the Tmobile network here. The shared network with Tmobile wasnt the greatest and I couldnt wait til they acquired ATT so I could roam onto ATT.

Here is my problem, ever since the acquisition, my phone will prefer the "new" ATT network over the older Cingular orange (Tmobile) network. This is a good thing since there is 850 here and its less spotty than the older tmobile network. However, the one problem I have is that the ATT network WILL NOT work in my home. I will get one bar, if that, on the ATT network, but will get FULL BARS on the tmobile network in my home. This is a problem because I am at home a lot and cannot place calls here. I have a Treo650 and it seemed to handle the balance between the two networks fine and I could stay on the phone for long periods of time. However, I recently had to exchange that treo 650 for a new one and this new 650 doesnt balance as well. It seems to allows want to fluctuate and drop my calls. I do not think the 650 has any problems, I just think something is different with the setup. I had the older 650 unlocked but havent got the subsidiary unlock code for this phone yet.

Please, how can I get my phone to prefer Cingular orange here over Cingular Blue so I can use my phone again!!