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    Although i am an audiophile...i would gladly purchase these Shure headphones in a heart beat..BUT!!! I'm a Klutz...thats why my parents named me Kristopher with a K With that said I usually break my headphones often and matter how much i try to protect a two year warranty is great...but chances are these buds will be violated big time!
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    Mofo, I got the Shure 2 series. I think the sound is quite good, but not great. The build is good and will not break easily. (I broke the Seido retractable handsfree adapter in 3 months) Don't know about the build quality on the 3 or 4 series. Look at my previous post on making my own pair of Shure will handsfree feature. It is great!
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    Bought Shure E4c from Comp USA $299 2 days ago. Amazon is selling for 212 , 195 different vendors .
    Great quality , bulit to last . Nice case with lots of accessories,earbuds ,sleeves etc.
    There is a huge difference with these headphones. All you ipoders you are missing something major, if you don't have a hi end headphone.
    The difference has prompted me to seriously think about Sensaphonics pro 2x custom made monitor headphones($900) used by Dave Matthews ,Eagles, etc, ..long list on there website.
    For an average listner, would highly recommend shure 3c or 4c headphones.
    Also these headphones would clearly tell you the sound quality of T650 and ipod , ipod being definitely much better.
    Even with Treo there is a hugh difference in sound quality with these headphones than conventional ones .
    I know 200 bucks for headphones sounds too much. IMHO they are worth the investment, if canalphones are not annoying to you .
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    Quote Originally Posted by markshelby
    It didn't work very well. Each wire inside the headphone cord is made of bundles of *very* thin wires, with with some kind of fiber mixed in. The wires appear to be insulated with some kind of coating, or perhaps with nothing, rather than a plastic insulator that you can strip off the cut ends. I couldn't get it to work at all trying to twist cut ends together. I tried to solder the wire ends together, and even when I succeeded (the tiny wires repel the solder) the sound was significantly degraded, differently for each ear, and it was prone to coming apart.
    Ah, enamel-coated wire.

    Sandpaper is your friend.

    As to non-ANC earbuds having 30db+ of attenuation as another poster claimed - I find that difficult to believe. Even soft foam earplugs (designed for sound isolation and nothing else) only have approx. 30 dB of attenuation, every canalphone I've seen except the Koss Plugs (which have all sorts of their own problems) used a rubber stopper. It's also a known fact that most passive noise reduction techniques don't work nearly as well for low-frequency sounds (where ANC excels) as they do for high-frequency sound (Where ANC doesn't do so well)

    As to my previous comment of various ANC headphones available - I finally got a chance to try the Philips HN060s, and those who gave it negative reviews were correct. Uncomfortable as hell, and far less cancellation than the HN100 circumaurals I've had for a month or so which cost half as much. (The HN100s are GREAT in environments with lots of "bassy" noise, and have pretty decent isolation even with ANC off.) Unfortunately the HN100s aren't an option for someone looking for earbuds only.

    I've heard the Bose QC2s are one of the few Bose products that may actually be worth the money. From the literature I've read, the QC2s are one of the few ANC headphones that use a closed-loop cancellation scheme instead of open-loop. (There's an article on the various schemes on I haven't seen any adaptive ANC headphones yet though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Entropy
    As to non-ANC earbuds having 30db+ of attenuation as another poster claimed - I find that difficult to believe. 42dB reduction
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