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    Hello dear fellow Treo 650 lovers,
    I'll try to make this short. Got my 650 from Cingular right when they got it. Got my unlock code one month ago, before I moved to Europe. I put in the code in and it worked just fine. I used different SIM cards in the 650 for weeks. Then I got a new service provider and got a new SIM. With that SIM card in, I had to put in a given pin code everytime I turned the phone off and on. Since it was a slight annoyance, I thought I'd try this *#*#1234*#*# code again since I had tried it months ago and I knew it was suppose to unlock your SIM. Well, the only thing it did was to lock my phone again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I am no longer a Cingular customer and no one around here knows anything about this freaky phone of mine. Can anyone help???
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    If you have the unlock code for the phone, it does not matter who your provider is. The code should work time and time not sure what the issue is. The code is specific to the phone (ie hardware) and makes no difference who the carrier is.

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    I just tried the code again and it didn't work... And then, I don't quite understand how the 1234 code would have locked my phone agin. And yet, it is truly locked. Sigh.
    Thanks Julie
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    The pin code you had to enter everytime you turned your phone on had nothing to do with the operator lock on the phone. It's a security issue in case your phone gets stolen so noone else can make calls on it using your SIM-card. I have the same feature on my SIM-card and I can disable it myself if I want to.,
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    2 different things:

    - a 'locked' phone that you buy from a network provider is "locked" to their network.
    - the code you say you had to enter everytime when turning on the phone, is to prevent unauthorized use of your SIM. You can disable that within the phone menu. Go to the Phone app, then Menu - Phone Lock. You will need the same code you use to unlock your SIM (the one you say you had to enter every time when turning on the phone) to disable this Phone Lock.

    Or am I misunderstandig what happened?
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    Nispen, I don't think you are are misunderstanding what happened but, inputing the code provided by the provider doesn't do the trick. I get exactly the same message as I did back when my phone was locked and I tried to put in a "foreign" SIM card. Somebody told me that by entering this *#*#1234*#*# code, I modified the unlock code and therefore shut the phone up. I thought I had the code that I used to unlock my phone the first time. I have been begging Cingular to give it to me again... We shall see.

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