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    Another Battery thread...

    Curious as to how you all charge your battery and your experience.

    The reps at Verizon tell me to drain the battery then charge it for at least 3 hours to maximize the battery's life.

    Treo handbook says to top it off whenever at your desk.

    I can't really tell the difference with the methods, anyone with advice?
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    I like Palm's suggestion best, keep it topped off. A full drain smacks of the old days when batteries had "memory" problems. As for how long a current charge lasts -- there is probably no difference between the methods. Longevity of the battery over the long haul is the question -- Palm says keep it topped off vs. a full drain then charge.

    I have a charger at home, at my office and in my car. Whenever I feel the need to charge . . . . . . I usually do not let it go below 75%

    I make sure I top it off every night.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Is it likely that some pimply faced kid at Verizon (okay, I'm leaping to conclusions, but you get the point) knows more than PalmOne?

    The Verizon rep's advice is good for Nickel Cadmium batterys. Not good for Lithium-Ion. The difference won't be noticeable now, but frequent discharge / recharge cycles will wear out a LI battery faster than keeping it topped up.

    When I'm at my desk, I keep it sitting in a cradle all the time. When I'm out and about, I don't worry about it, and charge it overnight.
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