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    can someone send me the original default after hard reset SYSTEM RING TONES.pdb ?

    because i accidently overwirite the original treo 650 system ring tones.pdf with my old one from treo 600 ..

    now i already configured my treo 650 properly and i dont want to hard reset jsut to get the original system ring tones.pdb back ...

    help please if dont know how to get the file use the iRing.prc program and then u can get it

    thanks guys ...
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    Since you mentioned System_MIDI_Sounds in your thread title and System_Ring_Tones in the body, I attached both.
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    ahh sorry about that and thanks for the post not many people know how to extract those from the treo
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    another thing .. sorry for double post but i think i requested for the wrong files .. hahahaha.. what i wanted was the :

    MIDI Ring Tones (original one for treo 650 coz there are some new ringtones there)

    Can u post it again bill gamble ? thanks
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    Well, according to the date on this one it's not the original file - so it may have some extra ring tones in it. But, here you go:
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    does anyone know any good composer for midi ringtones for treo program ? coz i want the modern sound ring type of ring but has the original Treo melody .. the old one from treo 180 seems to be playing as a piano instrument in the treo 650 .. was ok in the 600 but in 650 seems to be piano ..

    i think they've upgraded the midi mixer in 650 ..
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    Not even a "thank you"?
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    yea.. not even a thank you? the person went out of his way to upload those.
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    i wanted to post "thank you" but im afraid that will consider as SPAM because theres no content to that post .. seriusly im not lying .. i wanted to post thank you but im afraid that will be caught as SPAM to increase post count ..

    sorry bill ... THANKS VERY MUCH !
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    All righty, then.

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