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    I continue to have phone reset problems. Periodically, as I go to answer the phone, it resets as I hit the answer button. Of course, this generally happens when I am awaiting an important call. Yesterday, the phone continually reset for a while everytime I tried to answer with my palmone bluetooth headset.

    At first, I thought that this was a problem with Ringo Pro. But it continued to periodically happen, even without Ringo.

    Anyone have any ideas? This is driving me crazy. As much as I love the Treo, it defeats the purpose when the PHONE is so unstable.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Here's what I have loaded in memory:

    DocsToGo (w/ patch for documents on card)
    PSpeak (for Ringo and Mapopolis)

    On card:

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    Hi, mosely23,

    One thing you can try is renaming your

    C:\Program Files\Palm\HotsyncUserName\Backup

    file to Backup.sav and then do a hard reset or "zero point" reset. Then install half of your programs, reregister them if needed, and see if the problem occurs.

    If not, you can install the other 1/4 and check again. Finally, if you haven't found it yet, install the rest. You'll have a clue to what is causing the problem by what you have installed when it happens.

    This is a sort of binary troubleshooting, but it's good for finding program interactions, and you have the option of going back to the prior configuration by deleting the new Backup file and renaming the saved file back to the same name and HotSyncing.

    Mapopolis, by the way, has not been described as causing this problem.
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    I do not have an answer to your issue as I am new to the VZW 650 myself...however I am interested in your thoughts on Inteligold on your card? Have you considered using any of the BPS usnits that hookup via BT? If so your input on that please?


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