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    About every 50-90 minutes my 650 will spontaneously turn off the phone. This happens even when the phone is sitting idle.

    Just started a few days ago.

    Any ideas ??

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    Are you sure you aren't getting resets? What software did you install in the last few days?

    If it's a sprint treo do a ##377# and see what it says the last error is.
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    No new SW in the last several weeks.....

    It is an ATT treo 650.
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    Is it a GSM phone (Cingular/TMobile/Orange/etc)? If so, you may have a SIM card that is not making good contact. The SIM card sits in a little tray behind the SD card slot.

    1. Pull out the tray
    2. Pop the SIM card out of it
    3. Put a layer of tape on the back side of the SIM (NOT the contact side!)
    4. Reinsert it
    5. Try your phone for a while. If it still shuts off periodically, add another layer of tape.

    If you add too many tape layers, the tray may get stuck so don't go beyond 2-3 layers.

    Good luck.
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    Experimenting with tape on the SIM card reminds of the old joke about the man who bought the ill fitting suit because the taylor convinced him to pull up the crotch with his right hand, hold down his lapel with chin, and pull up his left pant leg with his left hand. Two old ladies saw him walking with a crazy gait trying to keep the suit in place. One said, "Oh, look at that poor old man!" The other said, "Yes, but doesn't his suit fit nicely."

    I had the same problem. Take it back to the store where you got it and get a replacement - if you're inside of 30 days. If not, I hope your SIM fits nicely.
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    a piece of paper behind the SIM card works too
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    Tape did the trick - 23 hrs and no reset......


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