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    I've been using Backupman and TomTom Navigator 4 for sometime. After backing up my Treo using Backupman, I get an error "Armcode not allocated!" when I open TomTom. A soft reset solves this problem, but it's such a hassle to do reset everytime I try to use GPS.

    I tried other backup programs, but they all seems to exhibit the same problem.

    Any suggestion?
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    I have the same problem once in a while, I too have to soft reset but it doesn't happen too frequently to me. Maybe V5 will fix this? hehe
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    Here's my understanding of the problem (which could be wrong):

    I believe it is because BackupMan (at least v1.53 that I use) fills up the Treo's NVFS cache (even after it's no longer running), which is needed by other programs to run smoothly. A combination of factors, such as the fact that some applications are poorly written (memory leak), and Palm's buggy implementation of the NVFS cache, result in the cache filling up (it should be emptied when a program finishes). Palm and application developers point fingers at each other as to why the the NVFS cache fills up.

    So here is what's happening to you:

    1) you run BackupMan;
    2) BackupMan, while completing a backup, fills up the NVFS cache (the NVFS cache is a portion of memory that is temporarily used by the Treo to run an application);
    3) You quit BackupMan. For whatever reason (developer's fault or Palm's fault?), the NVFS cache is not emptied.
    4) You try to run TomTom (which also relies heavily on the NVFS cache).
    5) TomTom tries to load itself into the NVFS cache to run, but there's no room (since it's full of old BackupMan garbage).
    6) TomTom gets mad that it can't load, and spits out the "Armcode not allocated!" error.
    7) You have to soft reset to manually clear the NVFS cache.

    There are some apps like the free "DBCacheTool" that are supposed to clear the cache on an ongoing basis, but it doesn't work for me.
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    Thanks TCC for clearing that up.
    I recently started using a tiny program called Alt Key, and it resets my Treo after each Backup. It's not a clean solution, but it works for the time being. My automatic backup is done 3am in the morning, so I don't care if it has to reset after each backup.

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