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    Just curious, I don't yet have a treo but should in the next few days. I have been trying to get up to speed on this thing before I get it so I can hit the ground running. If I'm using PTunes listening to streaming audio, ala shoutcast, and I get an incoming call, what happens? Someone in another thread where I was asking about browsing capabilities said that if a call comes in *while* data is coming in, they go to voicemail. I would assume if you're listening to streaming music there is essentially always data coming in, thus my question. Anyone who uses that feature frequently let me know? Thanks in advance.
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    This flaw is the only reason I don't use a lot of shoutcasting. When shoutcast is on there is a nearly constant buffering of data and, indeed, phone calls will go directly to voicemial. I use Butler and at least I get an alert when i have missed a call sue to using shoutcast.

    The same problem exisits when you surf the web using Blazer except that you may not notice it. In Blazer, the data connection goes on and off periodically depedning upon whehter you are sening or receiving data. If you are reading websites you may not miss mayn calls becasue your data may be turned off for the most part.
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    will a pop3 email check interupt an on going call?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eedwards
    The same problem exisits when you surf the web using Blazer except that you may not notice it.
    In this case though, since you're staring at your Treo in order to be viewing the web page in question, don't you see some sort of notification? Or is that only if they actually leave you a voicemail? My understanding is that you would simply never know someone called unless they leave a voicemail, as their call would not even register as "missed". Is that correct?

    EDIT: Also, in these cases, do you know if the caller hears a ring? Or if it literally goes straight to voicemail without ringing? (Like it would do if the phone was off.) The reason I ask is that I can just instruct the people who call me regularly that if they experience that phenomenon to be sure to leave a message so I know they tried to reach me.
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    While streaming shoutcast wit PTunes you will usually not get a call. You will also not get a voice mail notification until the data stream pauses (arrows go gray, which mine never do during straeming) or you stop streaming. The caller will go to voicemail and may get a ring or two but will not get the 5 rings before it rolls to voicemail that is pretty standard if you just don't answer. Your phone will not register the call on the call log if it goes straight to voicemail. You will have to get the number from your voicemail message so don't delete it unless you know the number for sure.

    I surf a lot and rarely miss a call because of it. But streaming music pretty much means I am not getting any text messages or calls until I am done. Every now and then one will get through, but it is rare.

    I live in Houston and have Sprint. Others may experience differences depending on the network traffic in their area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g550guy
    will a pop3 email check interupt an on going call?
    Not for CDMA. If you are on a call, then your email will usually wait and check after the voice activity is completed. (I see this all the time with soon as I get off a long call, all my email comes in. )

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