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    Hey there everyone. I have a year old 600 and have had no problems until yesterday. I let my battery run very low <12% and started having multiple resets that occurred sometimes spontaneously, and other times while switching between programs. Also, it would always reset if I tried to use SMS messaging (the program wouldn't even start). I recharged the battery, performed a hard-reset, cleared some memory (now > 7megs free) and re-installed my programs. Still happening.

    What's going on? Could it just be the battery? Should I replace it?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Unfortunately, mine got caught up in a soft reset loop yesterday, and I had to do a hard reset. I lost some data, too. I looked at the Sprint store, and I did not see any more 600's. I wonder if we can get a 650 if this problem persists.
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    I was having the same problem with a Treo that was 1.5 yo and Sprint store tech ran diagnostic. Said phone was dead and just gave me a new 600. No lockline claim or anything. Just have a nice day.

    I know it can be a pain, but maybe you should go see them.
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