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    is there any software that will change the wallpaper of the treo everyday randomly from a selected folder with images ?

    lol (am i asking too much)
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    I second this question....would love an app that does this!
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    yay lets make a petition here so that some developers out there would make this simple app for our treo

    features we'd like in it would be :

    1. Change wallpaper from selected folder randomly (from SD Card)
    2. Can choose frequent change .. 1 hour , 2 hours, 3 hours, 1 day 2 day 3 day etc.
    3. If possible to select multiple folder list of getting images. (from SD Card)
    4. would be better if it could get on GPRS and then get wallpaper pictures directly from a URL (hahahaha no im really asking for too much)

    possible ? hahaha send your features for this app as well if you're interested.
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    Good idea.
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    Check out ScreenCare. Developer's page/download is here and forum thread is here
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    Jeff Gibson (the developer) is also considering adding the wallpaper change feature to his ProfileCare application so you could for example, have one wallpaper/color theme for work and a different set for "play". App here and thread here
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    hmm those apps are pretty usefull .. i hope they have intergrated wallpaper change features in any of the software .. id be happy to pay premium price for it go programmer !
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    any progress on this software?


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