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    someone said Treo650 use the same Zire72 CMOS sensor , but limit it
    so , really 650 Camera is 1.3 M or 300K ??
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    it is 0.3MP.

    Why would they put in a 1.3MP cam, but limit the resolution to 640 x 480?
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    Quote From ShadowMite "This thread will be used to discuss the POSSIBILITY of enabling the 1.3 MP mode of the 650's camera."
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    0.3 is fine i guess.. if u need a 1.3 get a normal camera .. i think 0.3 is ok for a camera phone .. the colors and lens arent high quality either so i wouldnt want a huge image file 1.3 with poor quality pictures ..

    its good for a cameraphone .. not good enuff for a digital photo to be printed out .. thats all i can say..
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    I am only guessing but by taking it down to 300k probably improves the low light performance. Any reports I have read on 1.3 cameras without some sort of flash or lighting comment on very poor low light performance.
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    If you go to shadowmite's webpage, he puts this issue to bed. It is a 0.3 camera, not a 1.3.

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