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    My Treo 600 is having "hotsync" connection problems. I had no problems during the beginning of use my Treo months back (I Installed the software, plug in the USB hotsync cable,press the "hotsync" button and it works), but now, neither the Treo or PC seem to recognize each other. The PC is asking for a driver for the Treo and the Treo just doesn't connect. The cables are in good condition and I've re-installed the Treo software CD but nothing works. What seems to be the problem? Any suggestions?

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    It probably the cable. Search for other threads on syncing problems and you'll see that the cable is usually the culprit.

    Try using a new cable to see if it works. If yes, dump the old cable. If no, then try hard reset of the Treo - check threads for more info (such as, doing a proper backup before resetting).
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