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    Lexar 1Gb SD
    VFSMark Results
    T|T1 T650
    File Create: 210% 275%
    File Delete: 178% 248%
    File Write: 53% 40%
    File Read: 122% 703%
    File Seek: 218% 655%
    DB Export: 117% 187%
    DB Import: 243% 346%
    Record Access: 229% 978%
    Resource Access: 223% 914%
    VFSMark: 177 482
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    What is this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vjdupree
    What is this?
    VFSMark benchmarking tool compares speeds of various cards. But if you use the same card with two different devices, it gives an indication of the data access improvements between the two devices. It is a standard tool necessary to measure VFS (Virtual File System) performance so that users can get an idea of what kind of performance can be expected from different system configurations.

    A more thorough explanation is found at below site:
    Tests on different devices and cards:

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