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    Good if you want people to use your phone but not launch other apps.
    Called "Paranoid Security Hack for Palm OS 5"
    Download: [] OR [PSHack.prc +]

    It kinda assumes you have graffiti area with silk icons to activate command bar.
    I have Butler->Misc set so Menu Hold->Command.
    So I press my phone button. Then I hold the menu button down, tap the lock icon then give them my phone (This is hypothetically off course cuz the thought of handing over my Treo 650 makes me cringe).

    I was really looking for a DA to dial my phone from instead of having to switch to the phone app. I want it to be free! Cause Palm shoulda...Anyway, wish I could write DAs...or Palm Apps.
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    BTW, can lock any app...calculator, games, etc. But I just used phone as an example.

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