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    When trying to send a MMS message (Cingular) to a phone or even an email address I get the following error:

    " Your message was not sucessfully sent. An internal error (0004001d) has occured. Please correct this error and try again."

    I have the full media package from Cingular and am currently sitting at 7980KB free flash, 9015kb free NVFS and 4790KB free Dynamic Heap if that helps.

    I did the one and only upgrade to Cingular and the phone is unlocked.

    Any ideas?
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    Got the same problem on an unlocked ROW GSM.
    Of course no response from Palm support.

    Anybody knows a fix ?
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    Make sure MMS is activated on your account. I was receiving the same error message. When I called Cingular, the rep informed me the feature had been removed from my and my daughter's phones. She readded it and all is fine, now.
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    There has been posts similar to the problem you presented, including mine.

    Someone posted that the problem, according to a Cingular rep, is the incompatibility between Cingular network and the Treo software.

    You can eventually send MMS from your Treo, but it is not immediately received, if it will be received at all. The same goes with receiving MMS. Try sending yourself an MMS from another phone, and see how long it'll take to get it. With mine, it oftentimes takes days, if at all.

    The bottom line is we have an MMS problem for Cingular phones, and let's hope they can get that fixed.
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    Mine is working fine. I sent about 20 ringtones yesterday...and the recipient received them immediately.
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    On VZW the transmission time ranges in my limited experience (about 8 times) from 20 minutes to a day or more to never. I've stopped using it. If I wanna send a photo I attach it in Snapper.
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    are you running chatter email? there's an issue with sending mms messages while chatter is running.
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    not me, snapper, and no auto retrieve. i retrieve manually.
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    TrafficStat is known to make sending MMS hang at around 90% as well. After several retries it will usually finish.

    Another thing is if you have an alternative network that you have set as the default instead of GPRS, it by default uses the default network setting, so if that's BlueTooth or something else, it will fail. You can set it manually to use a specific network, but it'll warn you about possibly not working any more. If you set it manually I guess it doesn't get updated from the SIM card, so might be a good idea to check that every so often, maybe by setting back to automatic, then manual, not sure.
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    Hey folks, same song, different day.

    I just got off the phone with Cingular after having bought my Treo 650 yesterday. (I'll tell the story on text messaging in a minute.)

    Same error y'all got - 0004001d - called the 800 no. and was told I needed to have MMS added to my package. The new prices are 20 messages per month for $2.99 or 40 for $4.99. Any pix over that are charged $.25 apiece.

    I mean, whatever. I really don't mind paying it because I will probably use this a lot. It's really cool to take a photo and then immediately send it.

    Same gripes with cingular, tho. Luckily I found a tech guy who was really helpful. On the text messaging (I could receive but couldn't send) - They also changed out my SIM card and totally reset my wireless service. Worked! They told me if that hadn't helped that sometimes it works to assign a new phone no. I'd hate to go that far, luckily I didn't have to.

    If you're in Middle Tennessee call David England w/Cingular. He's great.

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