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    I recently purchased TTN 2004 for my Treo 650 and cannot (I repeat CANNOT) install the software using either my wife's PC or Virtual PC on my Mac using a SD card and/or the main memory.

    I "think" I've installed the software and chosen maps/voice properly and they have even "hotsynced" but the "no map found" message continually comes up and I cannot use this software.

    I have read several posts and threads and followed other's advise, to no avail! I am getting very frustrated! I thought I had the best combo for GPS and the 650 (Holux BT 236 and TTN 2004). I cannot understand how others have successfully installed this software and maps (either on the 650's memory or on a SD card--I've tried all combos of these per advise).

    Any ideas on how to actually start using TTN for its intended use; I have a trip in 2 days!
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    It sounds like your maps are not in the right directory on the SD Card. I beleive if you just hotsync the maps they may not end up in the right spot.

    Get a file manager for your palm and check where its put the maps on the sd card, then cross check that its correct with the tt manual, I recall seeing on one of the pdfs the path it should be under.

    Hope this helps,

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    There is an update for the 2004 software on the TomTom site. See I would suggest installing this update, remove the maps from your SD card, then reinstall the maps. Also, if you use a Mac and improperly remove the SD card, the item installed on the SD card will not work and will need to be completely reinstalled. In addition, Virtual PC tends to have a lot of quarks. To that end, I'd stick with the PC on install and avoid using the Mac for this particular install. However, I do hear that TTN 5 will have a Mac install
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    Tom Tom Maps should be installed on the SD card in a directory called TomTom YourCountryName e.g. TomTom Great_Britain.
    The software should be in a directory called TomTom.
    Use FileZ (free) to check this. Use softstck export to move if necessary.

    This works for both my Tungsten T3 & my Treo 650 installed using Win XP.
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    Forgot to mention, but you have probably already done this - select the map in 'switch map' under 'change preferences'.

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