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    I wanted a smaller skin for the Treo 650 so I cut the top and bottom off the default skin. You will need to rename the .txt to be .skin. These files should be placed in your PDAReach skins directory which is defaulted to C:\Program Files\PdaReach\Skins.
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    Thanks for that file, I've used your file for a long time, and finally hacked down the jpg and repositioned the buttons to absolutely minimize pdareachs' footprint so that it only takes half the screenspace, important on netbooks.

    it always bugged me that the keyboard and antenna, (this one is based on the 755p) borders, etc, were all just vestigial and non-functional, blocking out what was behind them. Even as beautiful as the treo is...

    This skin is ugly but functional- I'll probably fine-tune it a bit more, but I just finished this after 3+ hours, and with my engineer mentality, this is good enough.


    p.s. you'll need to change the .txt file to a .skin file. I recommend the (imaginatively named) freeware "File Extension Changer 3.3" (the file below; FECSetup3.3) , which adds right-click quickness to changing file extensions. Wouldn't have been able to finish this hack without it.
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