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    I have the Jabra BT250 (the Palm branded one). It's fantastic indoors. However, outside, it's a totally different story. I rarely make/receive calls outside, but when I do, the people cannot hear me at all. I literally have to have the Treo 650 itself near my ear in my hand for the reception to get better.

    So, I'm considering an upgrade. Would the new BT 250v fit my needs, or would the Treo 650 branded headset work? I like the style/feel of the jabra, but I'm not married to it. Thanks!
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    First and foremost, Jabras are a joke outside. The headsets most people have been having success with are the following:
    Sony Ericsson Headsets: HBH-660 & HBH-662, both with caller ID, and the HBH-300. All three of these work exceptionally well with the added assistance of Jabra eargels.

    Others have found varying levels of success with the Treo Wireless Headset. Some love it, others not so much.

    My advice is think about what it is you want out of your headset and look through the different Bluetooth threads with reviews to see what best fits your needs. As far as using the headsets outside or in the car, the Sony Ericsson work great and I hear good things about the Cardo Scala 500 as well as the Logitech headset. The difference between these last two and the Sony Ericsson appears to be the Sonys have quicker connect times between the phone and the headset.
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    Thanks for your suggestion. I read the LONG thread about the Treo Headset, and I will now do a search on the Sony headsets.

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