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    I've noticed recently that the battery on my Sprint 650 is not lasting as long. I usually follow the same routine - plug it in by the bed at night, then go the whole day without charging, moderate amount of use, probably average 1 hour talking daily, lots of email checks, a few websites. I use the bluetooth headset about 1/2 the time. I got this phone when it came out in November.

    Has anyone else noticed their battery already starting to lose power?
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    yep lucky if i make it though the day. I use it heavily though..used to last maybe three days
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    Do you have email checking constantly? I noticed on my T650 that if I leave chatter opened all day, the battery drain increases dramatically. Even keeping Verichat open all day doesn't compare to the Chatter drain of SSL IMAP.
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    Is there a better (read less battery intensive) email solution? I like the push, but can do without to save battery.

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