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    Just thought I would let you all know that a new version of PSSH is out:

    I have not tried it yet but am about to download it.
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    TuSSH doesn't seem to like my AIX box for some reason.

    Will have to give this a shot (again).
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    Crashes instantly after connecting to my ssh server. The 12-2004 version is fine. I've emailed the author.
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    I did not have a problem with it. Though in lOking at the change log there does not seem to be any big changes for me.

    I would always crash with TUSSH. And I do not like the scrolling with PTelnet
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    Just updated, everything looks good so far.
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    Thanks, just installed it and it's working great. Also noticed the nag screen about the quality of the random-number generator is gone.
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    Damn it seems to timeout on me when trying to connect. Is there a way to increase the timeout setting?
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