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    Any hope of having 2day play with the LED for notifications. I keep having Chatter and Butler step on each others use of the LED. Neither program is really broken, but there should just be one program frobbing the LED IMNSHO. Since 2day knows about email, vmail, sms, and more, it would be a natural to have it control the LED.


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    In case this helps: I have chatter, butler and ledoff, and I have everything working nicely together. You might want to try using led off in conjunction with butler. You would then have butler handle the led for any alerts you might want, but you wouldn't tell butler to keep the led light always off.

    Of course, having said this, I'm not exactly sure about what you are trying to get the led to do with regards to butler and chatter. If its just getting the chatter alerts then the above method should work fine.
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    I have been thinking about LED notification, but this will have to wait for another "generation" - right now 2day only checks the email/sms... status when launched, not in the background...
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    LED notification would be great and I would prefer 2day to handle that so that I dont have to use another app just to notify me of waiting vm.


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