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    I bought a branded Cingular Treo 650. The person who sold it to me call later Cingular and asked for the unlock code, and then gave it to me.

    I type in *#*#[8 digit code]# and pushed the green button. I got the message "The Sim lock has NOT been removed from your phone" (or something similar). I try 2 times (I read that if you try 5 times with the wrong number, you can't unlock it). I introduced the code with my spanish Vodafone SIM card in the phone (does it matters?)

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    I bought it in eBay USA, and I'm form Spain.
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    The SIM card shouldn't matter. I'd say you have the wrong unlock code.
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    Try powering down the phone and turning it back on again. Mine didn't unlock the first couple times, but for some reason, it unlocked after a couple tries.

    Also - try *#*#1234# first to unlock the sim - then do the 8-digit sequence unlock - this is how I did mine.
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    I tried *#*#1234# first.

    Then, ask for the code, and try two times with this code. I'm afraid to have more bad attempts becouse I read that with five bad attempts can't be unlocked.

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    O my god! I've looked again for the IMEI in the box of the Treo, and It is OK ... but I've looked again directly in the Treo and ... It's different from the one in the box!

    That's the problem ...

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