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    Lately when I have gone to turn off the power to my Treo, I have had to press the red "off" button a couple times.

    It just started doing this. I am not sure if it is a hardware or software problem.

    Anyone else having this happen?
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    mine always does it - when I hit the power off, and turn it back on - it takes a few taps to turn on screen.
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    Mine does this too, lately and suddenly. I'll have to wait 20 seconds or so and hit the off button again to get it to turn off.
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    Doesn't happen to me, on Sprint.

    What version of the phone do you have? What software have you installed recently? What other software do you have installed?
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    I think I have the most current firmware on my Treo650 (1.08?)

    I am trying to figure out if it is software. It sure seems like it.

    Seems to happen most when I close down from DateBK 5 but might be a coincidence since I use that so much. I have installed the new beta release today (s4) and maybe that will change something....

    Also I have Chatter which I update quite often with the new Betas...
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    In the Chatter forum; Marc from Chatter mentions that this is probably related to Chatter. He doesn't give any hints as to when to expect a fix.
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    There is a known issue where with the 650 where you can't always get the phone to turn on with a single button press when you have bluetooth enabled.

    I had an issue a while ago where I couldn't get the phone to turn off when I hit the off button and that was solved with a soft reset.


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