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    I have been searching thru the archives and could not find my answer. I have had a GSM T600. It was a good device, but I always felt like the phone part of it was sub par. I had a lot of trouble with choppy audio, and my home is in a low signal area. My wife has a nokia that works fine in our house with the low signal. My Treo 600 performed poorly, and now I am doubting the phone capabilities of my SE p910a. I hate to even say I am considering a Treo650...... but I am. I know I am in a low signal area, but eveidently the excellent performance of my wife's Nokia proves that a good phone can overcome the low signal.

    Can anyone who has had both, and have used it in a low signal area, comment on if the 650 is better, worse or about the same?

    Also, will manual network selection be available with an unlocked, unbranded phone?
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