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    Just ran across this for those interested - it's a new bluetooth GPS for handhelds from Hiacom. Haven't tried it, so I can't vouch.
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    Looks like SirfStar II (they noticeably don't indicate the chipset, which leads me to believe it's not the latest). In addition, it only gets 12 channels of sats, and SirfStar III gets 20 channels. As such, while it has some good features, it will probably have less sensitivity than a GlobalSat BT 338, or similar SirfStar III chipset based GPS receiver.
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    Globalsat 338 seems to be king at the moment. The other Sirf III BT devices coming out have less battery life than the Globalsat 338 at 15 hours.

    I just did a 1200 mile roadtrip with the Globalsat and it worked incredibly well, even in a heavy storm with thick black clouds. It was accurate on position but 50-100 feet off on altitude in heavy clouds. It works great in glove box or hiking under heavy trees as well thanks to extra sensitivity of the Sirf III chipset.
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    sirfstar doesn't support WAAS/EGNOS so it's not that...
    i'm appauled at the title of the article... who needs a compass? yes with a gps it's a lot easier, but when you're standing still- the gps has no clue what direction you're facing and thus you do need a compass if you're trying to find which direction to go in...
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    The new SIRF Star III GPS units don't support WAAS yet. I just hope an upgrade is possible in the future. If and when they do, the accuracy, +/- 10 meters, will get a boost. If you load a target position or a waypoint into your software, the PDA with a GPS unit will show which direction to head towards.

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