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    The last significant update for Verichat was the addition of bots. That was kind of cool, but for me it wasn't anything major. Now, with the release of MSN Messenger 7.0 it would be great to see some updates for Verichat. Like:
    -A Neon look would be great.
    -Ability to Skin Verichat.
    -Ability to display a profile picture.
    -Ability to add more smilies or view new ones.
    -Ability to send handwritting text.
    -Ability to invite contact to join conversation.

    I don't know if any other chat app does any of these already, but I hope these features can be implemented in the near future.


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    Just install graffiti anywhere and you can handwrite and it'll convert to text for ya! =) Tho why you'd want to WRITE an IM to someone instead of type is beyond me!


    (LOL...I know that's not what you meant....I just couldn't resist)

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    ic, another I coudn't resist reply.


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