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    I recently purchased the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Akono Headset HBH-600 and it works great with my Treo 650. Very light for long period wear, in fact I almost forget that I'm wearing it.

    Just in case you are missing a section of the HBH-600 product manual, a concern that I communicated to them, (am quite confused with some steps) here are the replies:

    1) To turn off the headset when you are not using it you have to press and hold the call handle for five seconds. (Can't find in the manual)

    2) In the instruction guide there is only a graphic symbol showing that the battery charges for 1.5 hours and no instruction for the 1st time charge. While searching for those answers above I came across the note on Sony Ericsson web site that it might take a full recharge for 8 hours.

    Here is the answer from the tech-support: "If you would like you can let the headset battery drain until the red light starts flashing before charging the battery. We recommend before the first use of the headset to let the headset charge for eight hours to make sure the battery gets a full charge. After the first charge, it should usually take one and half to two hours to charge the battery. If you would like, you may want to let the battery charge for eight hours."

    Now comes the fun part. Does anyone know how to configure the Treo 650 to have the Voice Dialling via Bluetooth? Any help or clue would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

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    The Treo 650 does not support voice dialing via Bluetooth.

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