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    Firmware 1.21 (GSM Model) - is this the latest?

    Whenever I receive an SMS my phone resets... it is EXTREMELY annoying as I use SMS a lot.

    My Treo (and 256MB SD Card) is packed full of apps so I am not sure what is causing this!!!

    Sometimes it used to do this on an incoming phone call if the name was in the SIM phonebook, however the SIM phonebook does not hold entries for these SMS numbers....
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    Hard reset everything, remove your card and try sending/receiving SMS, if it works then put back ONE by ONE your apps and find the one that is crap If it doesn't work ask for phone replacement.
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    yes... I would.. but that would take me the best part of half a day at least!!
    As a workaround I have installed Agendus Pro 9.0 and the SMS component actually "takes over" from the Treo internal software and works!
    Not ideal but very acceptable.....
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    I was having this problem too, and bought a new 650 thinking it was a hardware problem. I synched the new phone and ran into the same problem immediately. Every time I got an SMS, the phone would reset. I couldn't delete messages either - atempting to delete them would cause the phone to reset. I found this answer elsewhere on the TreoCentral site and it WORKED!!!

    Go to your home screen (where all the applications are displayed) and press the menu button. Select "delete" and scroll down to "Messages Database" - delete that file. This will erase your SMS files - so you'll lose your messages, but it did fix the problem. I can now receive text messages.

    I have no idea where the SMS messages are stored on my PC, but when I ran hotsynch, it did not replace the messages I deleted (I'm glad, because I suspect that a corrupted message caused the problem in the first place.)

    Hope this helps!

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