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    No one has them in stock, including Sena. What's the deal? Is this case THAT popular?
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    Never mind. I found one at: Hopefully they truly have it in stock and will ship tomorrow as they promised.
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    Let us know how you end up liking it. BTW, we have the same name (I don't go by phil though).
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    You could just order direct from SenaCases:

    I picked one up a week or two ago and absolutely love it. The only problem is that I have to take my Treo out of the case each day to swap batteries and sync in the cradle. Other than that, it's a fantastic case.
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    Well Smitty, if not Phil, what do you go by?

    As I mentioned in my first post, Sena didn't have them in stock either. I see they do now, but when I posted on 6-2 they didn't. I imagine for a MANUFACTURER to not have an item in stock, it's either because sales are much better than they anticipated, or they're having supplier problems.

    The first place I checked was Treo Central. Because they supply us with this great forum, I would have bought one from them. But they were also out of stock.

    I did a lot of research before I decided on this case. Money was not an object, I just wanted the case that best suited my personal needs.For me, this is the case. It seems many people don't like the fact that the cover flips down. That's EXACTLY why I wanted it. The cover dangling at the bottom won't bother me in the least. Having to fold it over the top and behind the unit would--a LOT! I guess it's a different strokes for different folks thing...

    Haven't got mine yet. I'll let you know how I like it.

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    Anyone concerned that those magnets could mess up the Treo somehow?

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